The Quality Of The Stress

Something I like to sit and reflect on every now and then is that I will always worry.  That will never go away.  I will manage differently on different days, but that’s just me coping with it and not actually being free from it.

The quality of the worry is important to stop and look at.

Lets say I’m worrying about what I’m going to make for supper because I forgot to take something out again and I need to whip up something that defrosts easily that the children enjoy eating.  That means I’m not worrying about how I’m going to get food for the children.

Perhaps I’m worried that I’m not good enough at keeping the house clean.  That means I have a home to live in.

As long as I’m worried about things like getting rid of fruit flies, how to get stains out of everything, and if the children are having enough social time with their friends; I know life is great!

Right now I’m overflowing with stress and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of it.

Since my scanner has broken I have no illustration for you, so I will leave a picture of a totally unrelated spider pie here instead.DSC02771


Your Science Cult

You tell me that science and religion cannot exist together and yet you show me that you’ve accepted science as your religion.

You say “I don’t believe in things that I can’t see with my own eyes.” when discussing religion.  Yet you believe in microscopic organisms, atoms, viruses, and black holes even though you don’t see these with your naked eye and likely have not witnessed with your own eyes.  You’ve seen pictures that someone else has presented you with and told you what it is, but you have not seen it for yourself.

You say “I only believe in things that can be proven.”  However, you don’t conduct experiments to prove that particular chemicals cause the exact reactions you want in fireworks.  You don’t isolate and then insert a gene into another living organism and study the results over a period of years.  You don’t meticulously collect, observe, predict, experiment and examine.

I can tell you that if you place an egg in a jar of vinegar the acidic vinegar will dissolve the calcium carbonate of the eggshell and within 48 hours you will be left with an egg held together only by a thin membrane with no shell left and you’ll believe me without question because I’m saying “science!”

You take science as it is unfolded for you and you treat it as though it is-plastic dare I say it- a new bible for you to believe in.

You interpret the word “theory” as if it actually means “fact” instead of accepting that it is merely the best possible explanation that we have at this moment.  You ridicule, slander and criticize anyone who questions or ponders the theory as false or partially false.

…Which is extremely silly considering a person who contemplates a theory’s weakness is much more likely to contribute to a new breakthrough.

You believe and defend to the death that it is as science says and it can be no other way.

If science says that cocaine is good for us and is safe to add to pop or cough syrup and is excellent for treating a wide variety of mental illnesses, you would accept that as true and happily pour it down your throat while preaching about how wonderful it is to others.  When science retracts that opinion and says that it isn’t safe after all, you get outraged at the companies that dared to add the harmful substance to their products and demand that they right their wrongs.

No matter how many times science lies to us, you still eagerly swallow every pill they throw to you like a good little lab rat.  Science said asbestos, lead, smokingsmoking, plastic and an extraordinarily large list of medications and medical procedures were okay and you believed them until they weren’t okay anymore.  Fortunately, lobotomies are not longer procedures you’ll receive for having a mental illness.

Why is it then if a person were to question evolution, stem cell research, medication, preservatives, vaccines, GMOs or anything for that matter- are they discredited, openly mocked and written off as crazy?

Science is supposed to encourage free thought and questions.

The science you believe in without question, in complete faith, is merely a collection of ideas gathered by mankind.

Mankind is the wrong species to put all of your unwavering faith into.  We are quite often greedy, corrupt and will lie to get ahead.

The science you believe in is led by men and women who value monetary gain more than your health and well-being.

The science you trust encourages you to only ask certain questions while bullying you not to ask other questions.  This helps you feel educated while remaining ignorant, leaving you dependent on other people to show us what to eat, how to medicate ourselves and how to get food.

Your science encourages us to become addicted to substances and prefers to treat and react over solve and cure.

The science you shout from the mountain tops poisons and pollutes our world.  It destroys environments and ecosystems and causes detrimental problems on a massive scale.

The science you are so eager to fight for tells us that objects are more important than lives (human or otherwise) and we need to hoard objects to have any sort of value.  it convinces us we’re suffering unless we have more things than we’ll ever actually need in our lifetime.

The science we should all believe in should encourage questions, discussions and exploration.

Real science teaches me not only how a plant grows and puts oxygen into the air, or the parts of a plant and how it utilizes water, soil and sun; it also teaches me the art of growing plants, identifying plants, plant uses, preserving plants, nutritional and medicinal value of plants.

Real science wants you to ask why there are berries growing on the potato plant, what happens when you release a helium balloon into the air, which insects harm certain plants and why we don’t eat dandelions or insects.  It wants us to ponder why plastic doesn’t break down and search for ways to resolve that problem.  It wants us to find ways to clean up  the messes we’ve made.  Real science wants to be discovered.

Real science is beyond animal classification, habitats, anatomy and life cycles.  It is in the making the tools, hunting or raising animals and slaughtering them.  It is knowing how to cut and use the cuts of meat.  It is how to use all parts of the animal efficiently including the skin, fat and bones.

Real science teaches us how to survive and thrive.  How to exist with other people and other species.  It gives us relevant knowledge so we can live on.  It allows us the information we need to make good biological, physical, psychological, and emotional decisions.

It is not about who has the most money or how to make more.Now

It allows us to learn and discover new ways to be entertained, overcome addiction and be creative.

Man’s science is for profit.  It encourages ignorance and destruction.  It turns us into the parasites of the planet.  It shames anyone who asks questions and it mutilates logic.  It only allows select information to be passed on to the common human

I encourage you to stop putting all of your faith into the science that is presented to you and step away from your cult.  Ask questions you never would have asked before.  You will learn so much more useful information when you do.