My Response To Bill Nye On Abortion

This video of Bill Nye on Abortion made an appearance in my news feed the other day.  I encourage you to watch the video if you haven’t already before reading this post.

First off, why do you assume that if a person is pro-life, that they would automatically want to desire to sue people for naturally occurring deaths?

For those who believe life starts at conception,  a fertilized egg that fails to attach to the lining of the uterus for any reason would be considered a miscarriage even if it goes unnoticed.

Which pro-lifers are pushing to sue doctors who couldn’t save a man who had a heart attack, a mother who had a miscarriage or a nursing home where an elderly patient dies of old age?

The concept of suing has no place in this conversation.

Secondly, when we talk about abortion, we’re not discussing fertilized eggs that failed to implant, we’re talking about the fertilized eggs that did manage to burrow into the lining of the uterus and that did continue forming and growing.

We are now discussing an embryo who’s sex is already determined with it’s own set of DNA and whose brain has already began to form.

Depending on how far along in the pregnancy the fetus is aborted, it will likely have eyes, arms, fingers, legs, bones, fingernails and fingerprints.

The outrage lies not in the death of a child due to natural causes, but in the fact that a fetus is only considered to be a living human being with rights when the pregnancy is a wanted pregnancy.

Of course scientists have explained to us how big a human egg was and that we wouldn’t have that shot of the sperm penetrating the egg  if not for science.  If not for science, we wouldn’t have the ultrasound that shows us images of the moving life form inside of the womb.   If not for science, we wouldn’t understand that a baby’s heart starts beating 18 days from conception.

This does not mean that a pro-lifer has a deep lack of scientific understanding.

If science can tell us that a single celled organism is alive, how can it expect us to deny that a morula, a blastocyst, an embryo or a fetus is alive?  Science asks us to believe that a seed is alive before the roots poke through the hard protective shell and it’s leaves break through the ground’s surface.  How can it also tell us that a merged sperm and egg dividing into cells isn’t alive?

I think perhaps the ignorance and lack of education that you insist on is actually real, it’s just not where you believe it to be.

Perhaps young men and women should be taught about the stages of pregnancy beyond a quick summary.  Teach them about fetal development and changes to a woman’s body.

Teach about the consequences of sexual activity, which isn’t pregnancy, but sexually transmitted infections.

Teach them about consent.  Teach them that “No.” is an acceptable answer to give and to receive.  Teach them to respect other people’s choice to say no.

Teach them about birth control methods, the pros, cons and the long term effects that they may have on a person’s body and not just that abstinence is best.

Teach them how to have healthy and realistic relationships.  Provide them with good mental/emotional support.

Teach them personal responsibility.  If we’re expected to be responsible for our actions in every other aspect of our lives, why not with sex as well?

Teach them how to keep track of menstrual cycles and that there is only 6 days in a 28 day cycle  when a woman could get pregnant, and if through no other time, a condom or abstinence should be used for those days to avoid unwanted pregnancies.  Teach them that keeping track of one’s most fertile days is just as important for those who don’t want to get pregnant as it is for those who do want to get pregnant.

Teach them that pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing is not a consequence and that innocent lives are just as valuable as any other human life.

Teach them that they can control their bodies and sex drive, both male and female.

Teach them that young men and women aren’t better or worse for having sex with someone.

Teach them not to judge or shame a woman who has had an abortion.

Teach women self defense from a young age so she can defend herself from predators.

At some point, I believe it would benefit everyone to have an understanding of what happens to the fetus during the different abortion procedures.

Put more focus on proper reproductive education, responsibility and on birth control availability and less effort fighting for the rights for a woman to abort her baby that exists because of (in most cases) her own choices and actions.

No, we shouldn’t tell women what to do.  We should educate our men and women properly so we can have adults who can make informed decisions and take responsibility for their actions.



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