Butterfly Dream

I was walking around outside when I spotted a large butterfly.  I thought it looked gorgeous and I wanted to hold it.  I approached it thinking that it would fly away from me, but it didn’t.  It just let me pick it up.

I’m holding it on my hand, loving the color of it’s wings and the fact that it allowed me to hold it when I feel it’s legs clamp into my hand as if it was refusing to let me go.  So hard that it pierced through some parts of my skin.

Startled, I tried to shake the butterfly off of my hand, but those insect legs just kept holding on to me.  Then I feel something in my wrist and I look down and I see the butterfly has its proboscis in me and is drinking my blood.

Now I’m absolutely terrified of this beautiful vampire butterfly.  I toss around the idea of just ripping it off of my hand and throwing it down, but I wonder how strong the proboscis really is…if I force the butterfly off of my hand, will a chunk of the proboscis stay wedged under my skin?  Will it cause some sort of infection?

So I just stand there, and watch as time seems to go by agonizingly slow as the butterfly eats its fill of my blood, clasping to my hand as if its life depended on it.  I feel my blood draining and hope that it stops before it gets too much of the blood that I need to stay alive.

Then finally, it finishes and it flies away leaving me with holes in my hand and wrist and vowing never to try to pick up giant butterflies anymore




Goodbye Grandma

Goodbye my dear grandma
May you be at peace and rest
You’ve raised well the family
In which you did invest

Your worldly pain has vanished
But you still live on
In the hearts and minds of those who love you
Right where you belong

I’m so sad to say goodbye
We will remember you with love
Until the day takes us away
And we meet at the gates above.



Creative Writing Challenges

How many of my followers on here are creative writers?

One of the things I’ve been really wanting to try for many years is to present a concept for something (a small piece, a short story, a poem and so on) and gather a group of writers to write about it in their own style to see the different lives one concept could take on.

I was hoping I may have found my group of people who would be willing to accept writing challenges on wordpress.

I was thinking on the first day of the month I would issue a challenge (open to suggestions of course) and then gather them into one place in a blog with links to other’s blogs on the last day of the month.

I’m very interested in the different ideas and styles that other people have and I would love to see the different writings that come from a basic idea.

Please let me know if you would be interested in participating and please recommend friends who might be interested in participating.  If I can find at least five people willing to take on a monthly challenge, I will post the first concept.  Also, if you have an idea for a challenge, feel free to voice it.

Thank you.

It Really Is Okay

Two days ago I was taking big steps
That day I reached my goal
I was able to cover a lot of ground
And I felt in control
Two days ago my goal was achievable
And I had quite a bit of help
I was well prepared and I took my time
And I felt good about myself

Yesterday I stumbled and fell
And I was overwhelmed for the whole day
I tried to get ahead of myself
And made no progress along the way
Yesterday my goals were ridiculous
And I had no help at all
I expected far too much of myself
And it slowed me down to a crawl

Today I’m taking baby steps
I’m just going with the flow
I’m making more progress than yesterday
But it’s going kind of slow
Today I haven’t set much for goals
Just one-to make it through the day
And even though I haven’t worked much
I still feel okay

Some days I’ll feel like I’m on top
I’ll feel tall and my steps will be long
Some days I’ll feel like I’m crawling
And I just need to be strong
Some days I’ll feel scattered
Unaware of where I’m going
And some days I’ll be inspired
With creativity and knowledge flowing

On the days I need to catch my breath
I need to realize, I can’t run all day, every day
And when I need to slow down a bit
It really is okay.